Comix Rock: Art & Music Showcase


A poster I did mainly just as an excuse to try out some new illustration techniques and also to experiment with creating type that has a hand crafted and ornate appearance.


Clone Wars


Been awhile since I’ve posted anything so adding this practice comic page I put together. I wanted to try a few things out, like coloring and working at different sizes. And even though nothing will ever come of it, I still want to finish this short story that features characters from the Star Wars cartoon, Clone Wars.

Ahsoka and Stinky


Traditional pencil and ink drawing of Ahsoka Tano and Rota the Hut. Scanned into the computer and colored with Photoshop.

Identity Crisis


I was getting some logos that I designed ready to go on my website. I had them all in photoshop and needed to make sure they were all about the same size in order to keep things consistent. After I was done I merged the layers and liked the results.

Layer One


I was at the art supply store and picked up some canvases that were on clearance. I was thinking that I would do some acrylic or maybe even oil paintings but never really felt all that inspired. Instead I decided to silk screen onto them. I usually have a lot of left over ink when I’m done printing so this is a way to use up what I would just throw away. I plan on adding layers each time I have the silk screen supplies out.

ADCI Urchin


Promotional poster for the Art Director’s Club of Indiana. This 2-color poster was sent out to members to let them know about the 1997 ADCI Best Show. I tried to play around with a business look type of vernacular. I’m sure I could do a lot better now. But at the time I was happy with how it turned out.

Urchin Typeface

The main typeface used in this poster design was “Urchin,” an original typeface that I designed. It’s a somewhat successful but albeit a little naïve attempt at creating my version of a “Swiss Typeface.” I designed it especially for use in this poster. Eventually it was added to the roster of typeface sold by the Indianapolis-based type foundry, The American Type Corporation.


Phantom Pink Silk Sreen


Decided to design a promotional t-shirt for one of my comic books. I had some trouble with the emulsion so need to give this one another go. A lot of the detail like snake scales and Hanafuda card artwork got lost. I did do one t-shirt with this artwork, and will do some more once I get the film perfected and some new textile ink.

Bad Veins


2009 2-color silkscreen poster for a local venue here in Indianapolis. One of my first silkscreen projects from last year.

Positive Poster


My entry for the Positive Poster, International Poster Competition.

Ninja Master Harry


Here are a few DVD cases I made to transport my movies back and forth in. Since this was a personal project, I was free to explore ideas and concepts like juxtaposing and vernacular.